Melt Cosmetics Haze Stack Review

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Melt Cosmetics is the makeup brand you don’t hear about enough. Founders Lora and Dana created the brand from a pure love of makeup. They met while working at a local makeup counter and the rest is history.

The infamous Rust Stack always intrigued me, but never screamed my name. I’ve been wanting to try Melt so I was SO EXCITED when they started teasing the Hot Box Collection. The colors in the eyeshadow stack are right up my alley.

Melt Cosmetics Haze Stack

The very first thing I want to note about Melt is how organized and quick the purchasing process was. I bought the Haze Stack the day it released. I had zero troubles with their website. It loaded like it should and I was able to add my items to the cart and checkout without issue. Immediately the next day I got my shipping confirmation with tracking. AND I got my package a day early. I realize delivery is out of Melt’s hands but I was stoked.


$48 | Find it at Melt Cosmetics

I’ve never met a palette that made me audibly gasp until I laid my eyes on the Haze Stack. Even the damn cardboard box it came in was aesthetic. The box is matte black with a glossy black design on top. The stack is in their classic format: magnetic circles of pigmented goodness.

These shadows are super soft and very pigmented. Bogart and Haze are the softest of the two, so they’re also the most fragile.

Application and Wear

The Haze Stack shadows apply fine, but not how I was expecting. For some reason, I thought these shadows would be more dense and firm. Indica and Ganja worked well with any brush I tried, but Haze and Bogart – the ones I was most looking forward to – didn’t perform as well.

When applying Bogart and Haze I had the best luck using a wet brush. When I used these shades with a dry brush they blended out into a satin sheen. Since Haze is so pigmented you can blend out the edges for a really pretty blown out look.

The whole eyeshadow stack is gorgeous, but you do have to work with it to build it up to your desired intensity.

These wear throughout the day beautifully. I didn’t have any problems with creasing or having it wear off.


  • Pigmented
  • Huge pans
  • Looks great foiled


  • Expensive
  • VERY fragile
  • You’ve got to work with them a lil; be patient

The Results Are In

I personally really like these shadows and the whole Hot Box Collection in general. The marketing really sucked me in, not to mention all the colors screamed my name. These metallics are a beautiful edition to any makeup lovers collection.

While I really do like the Haze Stack, unless it’s calling your name and you’re having dreams about it, I think you could skip it. You can easily dupe the shades for tried and true formulas that are probably more budget friendly.