Top 8 Best e.l.f. Brushes

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What can’t e.l.f. Cosmetics do right? e.l.f. is one of my absolute favorite drugstore brands. They’re perfect for beginners and seasoned makeup lovers alike. They also have some of the best makeup brushes, hands down. I constantly reach for my e.l.f. face brushes and recommend them to anyone. Check out my picks for the best e.l.f. brushes!

Best e.l.f. Brushes

Powder Blurring Brush

So I know the name SAYS it’s a powder brush, but it works really well with liquid foundations. The Powder Blurring Brush blends foundation effortlessly without looking streaky or taking away coverage.

Flawless Concealer Brush


Just joking, come back!

This brush is perfect for blending out under eye correctors and concealers. It blends the product out without lifting it up and taking away coverage.

Fun fact: It also works really well as a mini-foundation brush. I may or may not know this because I left my actual foundation brush at home when I was on vacation last year.

Small Tapered Brush

If you’re looking for a contour of under eye setting brush, I HIGHLY recommend the Small Tapered Brush. It’s small enough to fit in the hollow of your cheek and the tapered bristles help to flawlessly blend out product.

Highlight Brush

The highlight brush is kind of just a fluffier small tapered brush. And honestly, if they weren’t both $3 I’d only recommend one. BUT they’re affordable AF and I have a brush collecting problem.

Eye Contour Brush

The Eye Contour Brush is perfect for packing on color in the outer v and lash line. It allows you to precisely place your shadows so you can get the exact look you want.

Blending Eye Brush

If you’ve been looking for the perfect crease brush, look no further. The blending eye brush ensures your crease color stays where you want it without blending out too much.

Flawless Face Brush

My all time favorite face brush has been one from Target’s up&up brand. Unfortunately as of right now, up&up can’t be considered cruelty-free. But e.l.f. is really lookin’ out for us and created the Flawless Face Brush. It’s just as soft and fluffy and evenly distributes product across the skin. Perfect for setting powders!

Blending Brush

You can never have too many blending brushes, amirite? e.l.f.’s is the perfect size to apply an all over wash of color or in the crease for the perfect transition. Grab a couple on your next Target run!

What are your favorite drugstore makeup brushes?